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Anastasia August wins Prize at „Futurium Slam“

At „Futurium Slam: Einmal auftanken!“, 22.01.2022, Anastasia August got awarded first runner up for her contribution „Wärme speichern wie ein Bär“. The prize in the context of the online Science Slam of Futurium Berlin awards her thriving presentation in in this special format of science communication. Congratulations!

To Futurium Berlin
HAdWHAdW/Jan Becke
Britta Nestler admitted to HAdW


On January 21, 2022, the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences accepted Britta Nestler as a new member of the Department of Computational Materials Research. The election is considered a high honour for scientists. The MMS congratulates!

New foundations and structural change at the IAM: IAM-MMS and IAM-ZM

On January 1st, 2022, two new parts emerged from the former Institute for Applied Materials - Computational Materials Science (IAM-CMS), as parts of the IAM, into which the IAM-CMS will be split – the IAM-MMS and the IAM-ZM.

The newly founded parts "Material Modelling and Simulation" (MMS) is headed by Prof. Britta Nestler and the parts "Reliability and Microstructure" (ZM) by Prof. Martin Dienwiebel, Prof. Peter Gumbsch and Prof. Christian Greiner.

BildCynthia Ruf, KIT
Britta Nestler has stake in opening the NFDI Directorate

To introduce the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), the NFDI4Ing project was presented on October 15, 2020, by Professor Britta Nestler, as co-speaker at the inauguration event of the office in Karlsruhe. In an interview for the Campus-Report, following the opening of the office of the NFDI, Britta Nestler explains the importance of “preserving the treasure of raw data”.

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GemeinsamFahren KIT
Riding together with Britta Nestler

Since the end of June 2019, KIT also offers carpooling benches - two on Campus South, one on Campus North. In addition to the bus shuttle, they are intended to improve the mutual connection between the main KIT sites. Moreover, on the joint trip, one gets to know interesting colleagues - thus, the trip becomes entertaining and amusing.

Video to riding together
Britta_Nestler_Bundesverdienstorden(Foto: IAM-CMS)
Order of Merit for Britta Nestler

On October 2, 2019, Professor Dr. Britta Nestler was awarded the Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin in recognition of her special services to the people and the state. The award honours the scientist as a "bridge-builder between basic research and practical application". [Quote: Office of the Federal President]

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https://cdn.meine-vrm.de/-RFfPZ-QtSuSM7lGx1aeZdngqiw=/1020x510/smart/819%2F20086%2F20086006%2F41445737.jpgFoto: Michael Lang
Anastasia August won twice!

Anastasia August won twice last week: On April 10th in
Heilbronn and on 12 April in Michelstadt. In Heilbronn the
famous "Polar Bear Lecture" for the first prize, in Michelstadt could
convince the presentation about the latent heat accumulators. Cordially

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August AnastasiaQuelle: SWR
Anastasia August with coffee or tea

Dr. Anastasia August was invited to the SWR broadcast "Kaffee oder Tee" (Coffee or Tea) on the occasion of the Women and Girls in Science Day (February 11). Among other things, she tells how she educates her own daughter to be strong enough to not shy away from pursuing a scientific career if she is interested.

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We're runners-up!

Anastasia August managed to get into the top three at the German Science Slam Championship on November 24th in Wiesbaden. She shares second place with psychologist Moritz Kirchner. She explained the principle of an autonomous heat storage module based on an excellent latent heat storage material: paraffin. The winner was Aniruddha Dutta, a metal researcher from Düsseldorf. We are of course pleased to congratulate the distinguished materials scientist. But we are especially proud of our Anastasia!

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German Science Slam Championship 2018

Anastasia August won the South Preliminary in Munich on 23.10. and thus qualified for the German Science Slam Championship 2018, which will take place on 24.11.2018 in Wiesbaden. We congratulate and keep our fingers crossed!

@ Anastasia August@ Anastasia August
Green Science Slam in Zeiss large planetarium in Berlin

On 14.11. Anastasia August won the Green Science Slam in Zeiss large planetarium in Berlin. We congratulate her very much!

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Science Slam 26 Mainzer Augusthttps://www.science-slam.com/personen/info/slammer/august-anastasia.htm
Two times in two weeks Science Slamer

Two times in two weeks Dr. Anastasia August managed to beat other science slammers. Firstly, she won the 26th Mainz Science Slam on 12.9., where she explained latent heat storage based on metal foams. On the other hand, she won over the audience at the Centre for Applied Aviation Research in Hamburg on 18.9. with her presentation on polar bear storage modules. Anastasia has now been nominated for the South German Science Slam Championship, which will take place on 23.10. in Munich. We are very happy, congratulations and keep our fingers crossed!

The polar bear conquers the hearts!

Won twice in two weeks! Dr. Anastasia August won first place in the Science Slam at the annual conference "Production Systems" in Stuttgart on June 19, 2018 and also won the final Scicen Slam of the series "Living Progress" against four strong speakers on June 28, 2018 in Hamburg. Among others against the European Champion 2015 Simon McGowan. We congratulate on this great achievement!

Fakultätspreis Anastasia August
Dr. Anastasia August receives the faculty teaching award 2018!

At the suggestion of the student council, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering awards Dr. Anastasia August the Faculty Teaching Award 2018 for her lecture "Microstructure Simulation". Dr. August wins the recognition of her students with her ability to convey complex scientific content in a structured, motivating and above all understandable way. The award will be presented during the KIT annual celebration on April 19. We are proud of Dr. August and congratulate her on this success!

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Anastasia August wins the Climate Slam in Bonn

Anastasia August won the Climate Slam at the Climate Conference in Bonn on 16.11.2017 and beat the European Champion 2015. The Science Slam took place in the Media Centre of the Federal Agency for Civic Education and was organised by the editorial staff of the magazine "Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte". We congratulate you on this victory!

Britta_Nestler_Leibniz-Preis(Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
Britta Nestler receives the Leibniz Prize 2017

Professor Britta Nestler will receive the most important research promotion prize in Germany - the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize 2017, which the German Research Foundation has awarded to her in recognition of her outstanding scientific achievements to date in order to promote her future work. We are very happy and proud of our institute director!

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Anastasia August wins another Science Slam

With routine Anastasia August brings the next victory to Karlsruhe. On 1 February, the polar bear once again proved to be unbeatable at a Science Slam competition in Stuttgart. SWR Landesschau reports: Link to short film