Dislocation - grain boundary interaction in <111> textured thin metal films

  • Autor:

    D.V. Bachurin, D. Weygand,
    P. Gumbsch

  • Quelle:

    Acta Materialia, 58, (2010), 5232-5241

  • The interaction of lattice dislocations with symmetrical and asymmetrical tilt grain boundaries in <111> textured thin nickel films was investigated using atomistic simulation methods. It was found that the misorientation angle of the grain boundary, the sign of the Burgers vector of the incoming dislocation and the exact site where the dislocation meets the grain boundary are all important parameters determining the ability of the dislocation to penetrate the boundary. Inclination angle however does not make an important difference on the transmission scenario of full dislocations. Only limited partial dislocation nucleation was observed for the investigated high-angle grain boundary. The peculiarities of nucleation of embryonic dislocations and their emission from tilt grain boundaries are discussed.