Verbundvorhaben HiCo-BiPEC, High Conductivity BiPolar-Electrode-Compoment – Hochleitfähige, graphitbasierte Bipolarelektrodeneinheit für Redox-Flow Batterien; Teilvorhaben: Karbonisierte Bipolarelektroden


In order to enable a long-term economic utilization for redox flow batteries in multiple ap-plications, further cost reductions are necessary. The highest potential offers stack construction and material costs. The present project pursues two approaches: on the one hand the provision of higher efficiencies for the same stack size by reduced internal resistances; on the other hand, a simplified assembling by pre-assembled bipolar electrodes and thus a reduction in the number of individual components.

Within the project, KIT will cross-link felt electrodes with carbonizable binders and equip them with coatings to optimize them for joining with the bipolar plates and to enhance their conductivity. In a second step the electrodes will be joined with the bipolar plates to form the bipolar electrodes. The electrodes will be characterized mechanically, electrically and chemically. They will also be evaluated by electrochemical testing procedures for their operation in stacks.