ALD4SID: Solid-state electrolyte thin films fabricated by atomic layer deposition for solid ionic devices


This project aims to fabricate a series of novel solid-state electrolyte thin films achieving high ionic conductivity by atomic layer deposition (ALD) method. Specifically, a new family of nitrogen or sulfur doped Li3PO4 derivatives will be considered for high ionic conductivity and can be fabricated as solid state electrolyte thin films by ALD method. We will reveal the migration mechanism of anion and cation carriers in ultrathin films on various substrates by in situ TEM and EELS as well as in situ NMR and XPS at different scales. Furthermore, some novel prototype solid ionic devices based on the developed solid electrolyte thin films will be demonstrated, not only like micro/nano battery integrated on chip for self-powering, but possible also ionic diode/transistor for signal switching/amplifying, ionic memristor for information storage. It is challenge to develop the solid-state ionic device altering the electronic device.