Batterie- und Brennstoffzellensysteme

Language of instructionGerman

Lecture content

In the lecture Battery and Fuel Cell Systems the topics covered in the lecture Batteries and Fuel Cells are deepened, current developments are presented and specifically the system-relevant aspects of the technologies are addressed. In the first part of the lecture, fuel cell systems and their components are discussed. The integration of the different low- and high-temperature fuel cell types into systems will be discussed, the different fuel processing requirements will be presented and the system concepts implemented so far will be compared.

In the second part of the lecture, battery systems for hybrid and electric vehicles are presented and the batteries and cells used in them are discussed. The focus is on lithium-ion battery systems, and charging strategies and circuits for charge balancing, safety concepts at cell and battery level, and BMS systems are discussed.

In the last part of the lecture, alternative electrochemical energy storage systems such as redox flow batteries and electrolyzers are presented.