Sebastian Raab, M. Sc.

  • Adenauerring 20b
    76131 Karlsruhe


Research project
  • Project: Production- and structure-optimized metallic flow field for bipolar plates (ProStroM)
  • Project partners: Schaeffler AG, Bender GmbH, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)
Electrochemical characterization of PEM fuel cells
  • Electrochemical characterization of incremental polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs)
  • Development of test benches and cell housings for PEM fuel cells
  • Analysis of PEM fuel cells by stationary and dynamic measuring methods (polarization curves, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy etc.)
  • Detailed analysis of impedance spectra by the distribution of relaxation times (DRT)
  • Analysis of the influence of different fuel cell components (MEA, GDL, bipolar plates, flow fields etc.) on the cell performance
  • Analysis of the influence of different three-dimensional flow field structures on the cell performance
Modeling of PEM fuel cells
  • Modeling based on equivalent circuit models (ECM) and transmission line models (TLM)
  • Modeling of the influence of liquid water on the cell performance

Student assistents

Tasks Supervisor Student Period

Development PEMFC test bench

Sebastian Raab Marvin Dorn until 03/2021

Development PEMFC test bench

Automation of measurement data evaluation

Sebastian Raab Vivianne Bommer since 06/2021
Lecture assistance
Lecture Typ University lecturer
Praktikum (P) Dr.-Ing. Andre Weber
Vorlesung (V) Dr.-Ing. Andre Weber

Publications and Conferences

Journal Paper and Conference Proceedings

  1. S. Raab and A. Weber, “Dynamic characterization of incremental PEM Single cells at high relative humidities”, 25th European Fuel Cell Forum (EFCF), Proceedings (2021).


  1. S. Raab, T. Goosmann, A. Weber, „Influence of three- dimensional flow field structures consisting of expanded metal meshes on the physicochemical loss processes in PEMFCs”, 241st ECS Meeting, Vancouver, 29.05.2022-02.06.2022 (presentation)

  2. T. Goosmann, S. Raab, P. Oppek, A. Weber, E. Ivers-Tiffée, „Impedance-Based, Multi-physical DC-Performance-Model for a PEMFC Stack”, 241st ECS Meeting, Vancouver, 29.05.2022-02.06.2022 (presentation)

  3. S. Raab and A. Weber, “Dynamic characterization of incremental PEM Single cells at high relative humidities”, oral presentation by S. Raab, 25th European Fuel Cell Forum (EFCF), 29.06.2021-02.07.2021 (presentation)