Leon Schmidt, M.Sc.

  • Institute for Applied Materials -
    Electrochemical Technologies (IAM-ET)
    Adenauerring 20b
    Gebäude 50.40 
    76131 Karlsruhe

Work at the IAM-ET

Field of studies:

Battery safety is an important criterium for the wide introduction of the application in the transportation sector. Especially the behaviour during thermal runaway events are an essential aspect for safety evalutions. The underlying processes of the self-heating of the cells are barely understood. The comprehension of these reaction mechanism can help to reduce the probability and the magnitude of thermalrunaway events.

Scientific Focus:

Experimental investigation of thermal degradation process in lithium-ion batteries with focus of SEI-formation and decomposition. Focus on the impact of cell chemistry and aging on the thermal runaway behaviour and battery performance. 

Methods used:
  • Extensive cyclisation tests
  • Online electrochemical mass spectrometry
  • Headspace-gaschromatography-mass spectrometry