IAM - Materials for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Material solutions for innovative products from tomorrow

Materials play a central role for the technical and economic progress. Their employment determines the innovation degree of modern technologies such as information -, energy -, traffic -, manufacturing -, environmental and medical technology. So many innovations in electro-technology could be realized only on the basis of new materials and finishing techniques. The materials development and its use in systems become therefore one of the key fields of the industrial technology of the 21. Century with a high strategic meaning outstandingly.

The studying model Materials of Electrical Engineering trains electrical engineers, who can compile the best materials with deepened knowledge in materials science, technology and modelling of electronic components in the field of electrical engineering for a clearly outlined problem.

Study and Teachings

To train qualified engineers, who can place themselves with large authority to the challenges of the future, is the target of the study at the IAM-WET. You find a list of all lectures at the IAM-WET here. Lectures

Cooperations and Contacts

Each group collaborates widely with partners in industry and other research institutions in national as well as international projects. These projects are funded by institutions like  DFG, BMBF, BMWi and the EU.

Furthermore we support interships and other student theses at Research Institutions and industrial partners in Germany as wells as around the globe. Below are some Institutions were students of the IAM-WET already conducted successful studies.

NRC-CNRC Rolls Royce DICP IR CRIEPI Daimler Bosch MIT Risö DTU CGCRI Universität Oslo CFCL

A colletion of research partners is additonally given below: