A synchrotron tensile test setup for nanocrystalline thin films

  • Author:

    T. Ulyanenkova, R. Baumbusch,
    T. Filatova, S. Doyle, A. Castrup,
    P. Gruber, J. Markmann,
    J. Weissmüller, H. Hahn,
    O. Kraft, T. Baumbach

  • Source:

    Physica Status Solidi A, Band 206,
    Seiten 1795-1798 (2009)

  • The current report covers the establishment of an in situ X-ray diffraction tensile experiment at the synchrotronANKAlocated at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe for probing diffraction signals from nanocrystalline thin films during tensile deformation. Measurements on nanocrystalline palladium films verify the capabilities of the setup.