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The Institute for Applied Materials (IAM) is a leading institution in research and education in materials science and technology. With its interdepartmental character it is one of the largest facilities of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). It pursues the KIT missions of research, teaching and innovation and contributes to the areas of energy, nano- and microtechnology, and mobility systems.

IAM pursues an interdisciplinary approach to materials research that covers the diversity and multiscale character of materials science. In cooperation with national and international partners, we study materials from their atomic structure to their function in the product. Our activities bridge the gap from materials development over process technology to systems integration.

In teaching IAM is responsible for the consecutive bachelor/master course Materials Science and Engineering. It also provides the materials science education in other university programs in engineering and natural sciences.

IAM has broad methodological competences in the fields of materials synthesis, processing, characterization, and simulation. It, thus, offers an attractive scientific environment and excellent opportunities for scientific and personal development to its members.


Managing Director

Prof. Dr. mont. Christoph Kirchlechner


Tel.: +49 721 608-24815




IAM Committee's Offices

Dr. Johanna Lampert
Tel.: +49 721 608 47912
The IAM units

More than 500 employees are working at the 8 IAM units

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Praktikum Batterien KIT

For all those interested we offer insights into materials science research

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Studium MatWerk
Master studyig course MatWerk

The interdisciplinary BSc and MSc programs "Materials Science and Engineering" combine fundamentals with applications

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Our News

Girls' Day 2023

Der bundesweite Aktionstag zur klischeefreien Berufsorientierung findet am 27. April 2023 statt.

Das IAM-MMI ist dieses Jahr wieder mit dabei, eine Anmeldung zur Teilnahme ist jederzeit über folgenden Link möglich: Anmeldung zum Girls' Day 2023 (German only)

A. PundtIAM-WK
Astrid Pundt new chairwoman

Astrid Pundt (IAM-WK) was elected chairwoman of the working group of the Metal and Materials Physics (MM) of the German Physical Society (DPG) in the section of condensed method section of the German Physical Society (DPG) and was appointed KIT representative to the Materials Engineering.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin HeilmaierIAM-WK
Martin Heilmaier as future DGM President

Martin Heilmaier (IAM-WK) was elected at the DGM meeting in Darmstadt in the fall as one of the two Presidents of the German Society for Materials Science. The term of office is two years and starts on 01.01.2023

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fusio_DBKEuropean Commission
1st SOFT Innovation Prize

A team led by Jarir Aktaa with cooperation partners from Forschungszentrum Jülich won the 1st SOFT Innovation Prize for the development of plasma-sprayed, functionally graded tungsten/EUROFER coatings for the first wall of future fusion power plants. The technology of these protective, on large areas well-bonded coatings was successfully transferred to industry with the aim of upscaling them to application-relevant sizes and shapes. The functional grading, which led to outstanding heat flux resistance, opens up potential deployment of this innovation in other components of fusion technology, in high-voltage components and in the concentrated solar power sector.

MecaNano – European Network for the Mechanics of Matter at the Nano-Scale

The "European Network for the Mechanics of Matter at the Nano-Scale" (MecaNano) has been approved as a European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) for a period of four years. The IAM-MMI will also be part of MecaNano with Christoph Kirchlechner as the German representative.

MecaNano offers its members numerous opportunities for interaction and collaboration, supports the geographic mobility of its participants and promotes the professional development of its young researchers.

The action is open to researchers from all countries.

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Future Cluster ETOS

Basic chemicals, which are raw materials for a wide range of products such as medicines or detergents, can currently only be produced with an enormously high input of energy and fossil fuels. The aim of the future cluster ETOS, which is co-led by IAM-ET, is to develop more sustainable processes based on electrolysis. The BMBF is funding ETOS as one of seven projects in the Clusters4Future competition.

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ZhaoUniversity of Maryland (USA)
Humboldt Award to Ji-Cheng Zhao

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awarded Ji-Cheng Zhao, Minta-Martin Professor of Engineering and Chair of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland (USA), a Humboldt Research Award endowed with 60,000 Euros. With this award, Zhao will further his collaboration especially with Professors Dierk Raabe (MPIE) and Peter Gumbsch at IAM-ZM and Fraunhofer IWM.

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Peter ElsnerIAM-WK
Mourning for Peter Elsner

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Elsner, Professor of Polymer Technology at the IAM-WK and Institute Director of the Fraunhofer ICT, passed away at the age of 65. Peter Elsner was a highly esteemed colleague and respected researcher whose memory will be cherished by the staff of the IAM.

Logo ERC
ERC Consolidator Grant to Christoph Kirchlechner

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Professor Christoph Kirchlechner (IAM-MMI) with the prestigious Consolidator Grant. His project TRITIME aims to fundamentally understand the mechanisms of hydrogen embrittlement and help tailor new materials used in the distribution and storage of hydrogen.

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Prof. Inuiprivat
Humboldt Research Award Winner to stay at IAM

Dr. Haruyuki Inui, professor of materials science and engineering from Kyoto University (Japan), has been granted the Humboldt Research Award. Prof. Inui, an expert on intermetallic phases which play a significant role in the development of new types of structural materials plans to spend his stay associated with the Award i.a. as a guest at IAM-WK.

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Advisory Board „Batterieforschung Deutschland“ (Battery Research Germany)

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Krewer (IAM-ET) and Prof. Dr. Helmut Ehrenberg (IAM-ESS) were appointed to the advisory board "Batterieforschung Deutschland" (Battery Research Germany) of the Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) (BMBF). The task of the advisory board is, among other things, the development and evaluation of proposals as well as the formulation of recommendations on funding programs and topic clusters.

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BatterieforschungAdobe Stock / xiaoliangge
Battery competence cluster

Several sub-institutes of the IAM are often involved in a leading role in the battery competence clusters of the BMBF and thus in a sustainable support of battery research as well as in the establishment of battery cell production in Germany: FestBatt, AQua, InZePro and BattNutzung.

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IAM image film

Our IAM image film from MRS-TV 2016 (Spring Meeting)

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Advanced Materials

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Volume 31, Issue 26


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