Ausstattung und Methoden

Large Scale facilities:

XPS and ToF-SIMS Technology cluster at KNMF

Synchrotron Powder diffraction at Petra III, beamline P02.1 (cooperation)

Neutron powder diffraction at FRM II, beamline SPODI (cooperation)


Laboratories an Equipment:


  • Chemistry lab space with 9 fume hoods
  • 7 Ar-gloveboxes
  • Several tube, muffle, induction and arc-melting furnaces and hydrothermal synthesis chambers
  • Ball mills , centrifuges
  • 1000 tons multianvil press for high pressure/high temperature syntheses 18 GPa, 2800 K (Voggenreiter)
  • Electrospinner EC-CLI (IME Technologies)

Bulk Characterization

  • X-ray powder diffraction with Mo, Cu and Co wavelength with different geometries and sample  environment
  • Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (TG-DTA/DSC) with combined FT-IR gas analysis operated under Ar-atmosphere  (Netzsch Jupiter 449 C)
  • PPMS


  • Raman microscope type HORIBA LabRam Evolution HR (Laser wavelengths: HeNe-Laser (633 nm, 17 mW), Nd:YAG solid state (523 nm, 100 mW), diode laser (473 nm, 25 mW)
  • Bruker Tensor 27 FT-IR spectrometer attached to STA and operated under Ar-atmosphere

Electrochemical Characterization

  • Several Potentiostats with 192 channels
  • Climate chambers
  • 5 Redox flow battery test stations (Fuelcon, Greenlight Innovations, Scribner)


  • Optical microscope Leica M205
  • FE-SEM MERLIN microscope (Zeiss GmbH)
  • EM ACE 600 coater (Leica)

Surface Characterization

  • K-Alpha XPS instrument with integrated glove-box for atmosphere contact free sample handling (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • VG ESCA5 XPS Spectrometer equipped with Alpha 110 electron energy analyzer (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • ToF.SIMS 5 spectrometer (ION-TOF GmbH)
  • DektakXT Stylus Profilometer (Bruker AXS)
  • Z400 3-magnetron (PK75) sputtering system for multi-layer deposition (Leybold)
  • 3 UHV-sputter setups equipped with 3” planar magnetrons