New in situ SEM arrived

Zeiss Merlin

The Institute for Applied Materials - Materials and Biomechanics (IAM-WBM) recently procured a Zeiss Merlin, a high performance field emission scanning electron microscope. This electron microscope is one of the first facilities that arrived as a part of the on-going efforts in establishing a state of the art nano/-micromechanics testing facility at the institute. This facility will be employed to study the mechanical and functional properties of materials across length scales, i.e. from nanometers to millimeters.

The Merlin features the GEMINI II column technology with multiple detectors to obtain high resolution analysis of materials at small length scales. This will aid our research in the field of in situ mechanical testing of materials at sub-micron ranges. The large chamber space allows us to implement several in situ devices, including a nanoindenter for experiments at both ambient and non-ambient temperatures (ranging between 20°C and 800°C).