Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials and Structures

The scientific research group addresses mechanical aspects of multifunctional materials and structures.This includes the coupling between mechanics on the one side and actuation, thermal, or transport properties one the other.
DEM Simulations M. Kamlah
DEM Simulations
Phase segregation of NaFPO (without mechanics)
Phase segregation of NaFPO (without mechanics)

Experimental methods deal with off-resonance actuation of piezoceramics. Modeling methods include micromechanical discrete element and resistor network methods, mesoscopic phase-field modeling and macroscopic multiphysical continuum modeling including geometrical and physical nonlinear continuum mechanics.

Ongoing projects as part of coordinated activities

- HiBRAIN: Holistic method of a combined data- and model-based Electrode design supported by artificial intelligence (

- SiMET: Simulation of Mechanical, Electrical/Electrochemical and Thermal Processes in Lithium Ion Batteries (, DFG GRK 2218

- POLiS: Post Lithium Energy Storage (, EXC 2154

- FUSION: The KIT Nuclear Fusion Programme (

Selected past projects

- Understanding size and interface dependent anisotropic thermal conduction in correlated multilayer structures, DFG SPP 1386

- Experimental Investigation of Strain Distributions and Polarization in Lead-based and Lead-free Ferroelec-trics, CSC

- COMFEM: Computer Based Multiscale Modeling for the Virtual Development of Polycrystalline Ferroelectric Materials, BMBF

- Constitutive material law for piezoelectric materials including ferroelectric and ferroelastic behavior, COMET K2

- HiKoMat: Development of Hierarchically Structured Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage (, BMWi

- ConTraGrad: Converse Transduction in the Presence of Strong Electrical Field Gradients in Ferroelectrics, DFG

- Tailoring the Electromechanical Behavior of Lead-Free Composite Ferroelectrics – The Influence of Electrical Conductivity, DFG

- Understanding Coffee-ring Effect of Direct Inkjet Printing Using Coupled Discrete Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics, CSC