Shared-time at the Institute - Join us

Tips for better job balance

Team building is the process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team.

Maybe "those who break together stay together" could be the new mantra - so this is what we are doing for our team:


1. Shared Work Breaks

Shared lunch breaks or short meetings at the coffee machine promotes mutual exchange and sees to it that there is a better understanding between the team and a better possibilitiy to talk about private things.

2. Celebrate Birthdays and other Occasions

The favorite cake, an individual doctoral cap, a fanciful Christmas-Party ... - we celebrate and laugh together. In summer we have our barbecue without a cause.

3. Doing Sports together

Collective sport promotes the solidary of the group - at our annual KIT-festival we regularly form a "Menschen-Kicker-Team" and run to the top at "Badische Meile". Also the sports group at our Campus offers with an attractive range of courses a lot of compensation.

4. Collective Trips

Our annual and well attended company outing stabilizes personal bonds - visits in museums, major construction sites and climbing parks strengthen cooperation, the conclusions in local restaurants massive lighten up communication.

5. Games

Working breaks at our tabletop soccer will be used for tough challenges. This is not only a lovely possibility for having fun but also provides variety and helps to clear your head.

6. Summerschool

This annual, one week long event offers a good option to our (phD-) students to broaden their horizons outside their main focus. Seminars and lectures will be completed by a colorful supporting program such as short trips,   cultural and social events.