The Materials Testing group is operating the Hot Cells and the glove boxes in order to safely investigate radioactive and toxic materials.
Tensile Fracture images
Tensile test fracture surface on 9%-Cr steel before and after neutron-irradiation
Diagram of instrumented tensile tests on neutron irradiated 9%Cr-steel
Tensile tests on neutron irradiated 9%Cr-steel

This includes for example

-  Mechanical tests as tensile, low-cycle-fatigue, Charpy impact, creep, hardness

-  Metallographic preparation and light-optical microscopy

-  Thermogravimetry, gamma- and x-ray-spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, densiometry


Installations for artificial hydrogen and tritium loading and for thermally driven desorption enable to investigate and quantify the respective adsorption and retention behaviour.

A special task is the development and adaption of investigation techniques to the needs of remote-handled operation in Hot Cells or to other special requirements of radioactive and toxic materials.