Research Area

Tribologically induced interactions between two solids in contact are usually limited to a relatively thin surface zone, so that in many cases a significant improvement of the friction and wear behaviour can be achieved by a specific adaptation of the contacting surfaces.

The group "Microtribology" is therefore concerned with the development of processes for laser-assisted surface texturing or modification of materials (including metals, engineering ceramics, PVD thin films) and their fundamental tribological characterization in laboratory test benches. The knowledge gained from this on the influence of surface and subsurface condition on relevant physical, mechanical and tribological properties serves as a basis for a specific effective surface optimization.

Methods and equipment

  • Yb-doped fiber laser for texturing and modifying test specimens and components
  • Laboratory tribometer for investigations from the micro to the macro scale in unidirectional, reciprocating or rolling contact under defined load and environmental conditions
  • Abrasion, scratch and static friction test rigs
  • Laboratories for hard machining, hardness testing and surface profilometry
  • Materialography including incident and transmitted light microscopy (RT, HT)
  • Scanning electron microscopy incl. EDX

You can find detailed information about our equipment here here.