DFG funds the TRR 188 with contributions from the IAM-MMI

TRR 188
Dislocation structure in a ferrite grain of a DP800 dual phase steel
Corresponding micropillar with slip activation on one slip system only

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has decided to continue funding the Collaborative Research Center / Transregio (TRR) 188, “Damage in metal forming”.

The TRR 188 aims for a mechanism-based understanding and control of damage nucleation and growth in advanced high strength materials. It is located at the RWTH Aachen (spokesperson Prof. G. Hirt), the TU Dortmund, the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (Düsseldorf) and the Institute for Applied Materials (IAM) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

The IAM-MMI will contribute to the goals of the TRR 188 by assessing the mechanical properties (strength and fracture toughness) of advanced high strength steels at the single grain and interface level. Particularly, focus of the next four years is on a mechanism-based understanding of latent-hardening in micron sized ferrite islands. For this purpose, several hundred micropillars will be cut from grains with well-known dislocation density tensor and then loaded in situ in the electron microscope.

For the second funding period up to the end of 2024, 11.4 million euros were approved for the entire consortium.


Further information regarding the TRR188 can be found here  https://www.trr188.de/index.php/en/


Further reading

C. Tian, D. Ponge, L. Christiansen, C. Kirchlechner, On the mechanical heterogeneity in dual phase steel grades: Activation of slip systems and deformation of martensite in DP800, Acta Materialia 183 (2020) 274-284.