Successful completion of the BMWi project HiKoMat - Material development of hierarchically structured composite materials for electrochemical energy storage systems


The central challenge for new electrochemical storage systems is the development of new materials specifically adapted to the respective applications. The interdisciplinary consortium of the joint project HiKoMat ( therefore dedicated itself to the optimisation of particle and/or electrode structures with regard to the specific application or the corresponding cell design (funding body Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, administrative and technical support by the project management organisation Jülich, funding code 03ET6095A). The material classes under consideration show a high potential for future energy storage systems and are produced by energy-efficient and, in principle, industrially highly scalable processes. Improving the electronic conductivity of these materials and the ionic transport properties in the cells is imperative to enable their use in high-performance cells, e.g. for electromobility. The project has contributed decisively to a detailed understanding of the process-structure-property relationships of hierarchically structured composite materials and consequently to their optimization for application in electrochemical energy storage devices for electromobility. For the IAM-MMI, M.Sc. Oleg Birkholz has contributed decisively to the success of the project with outstanding commitment and excellent contributions.