A. Albiez Berta-Benz-Preis 2019
Bertha Benz Prize 2019

Almut Albiez was awarded the Bertha Benz Prize 2019 for her Ph.D. thesis. The results of her research open up new opportunities for lightweight construction applications.

(Photo: A. Albiez, private)

A. Albietz at youtube (in German)
Urkunde PosterAward M. Janzen
Best Poster Award

At the 16th Symposium of ModVal 2019 in Braunschweig, Germany, Manfred Janzen received the first place for his poster "Mechanics of Electrode Operation - a Comparison of LiFePO4 and NaFePO4".

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Excellence Strategy of the Federal Government

The IAM-WBM is involved in two successfully acquired clusters of excellence:

3D Designer Materials - 3D Matter Made to Order


Energy storage beyond lithium - New concepts for a sustainable future

(Image: O. Birkholz)

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