Foto und Zeichnung Wirbel
Vortexes as wheels of nature

Following the example of trees, biomechanic Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck transfers universal shapes to technical components. Deformation via vertebrae could contribute to the development of lightweight durable components.

(Image: C. Mattheck)

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Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

The junior research group headed by Dr. Karsten Woll develops nanostructured thin films by means of electrical current pulses.

(Photo: K. Woll, private)

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BNN - Bild des Monats: kleinstes Fachwerk
Picture of the month: Badische Neueste Nachrichten from 03.05.2016

Kleinstes Fachwerk
World's smallest truss

Metamaterials for the construction of microscopic 3D trusses achieve higher specific strength.

(photo: J. Bauer, KIT)

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