Extension of the Research Training Group SiMET


After successful continuation review, the second four-and-a-half-year funding period of the Research Training Group GRK 2218 "Simulation of mechano-electro-thermal processes in lithium-ion batteries" (SiMET, www.simet.kit.edu), funded by the German Research Foundation, started on October 1st, 2021. The goal of SiMET is to achieve a substantial improvement of models and simulation methods for the coupled mechanical-electrical-thermal behavior of lithium-ion battery cells with an interdisciplinary group of collegiate researchers. The work is characterized by consistent cross-scale and cross-disciplinary approaches and direct access to comprehensive experimental parameterization and validation capabilities. At the IAM-WBM, the groups of Reiner Mönig and Marc Kamlah are each involved with one directly funded doctoral researcher and one associated doctoral researcher.