State Science Minister Petra Olschowski at the fusion material laboratory

P. Olschowski am FML M.Breig, KIT

Petra Olschowski, Minister of Science, Research and the Arts in Baden-Württemberg, visited the IAM's fusion material laboratory on February 13, 2024, together with Dr. Ronny Feuer, advisor for mobility, energy, aerospace and Industry 4.0, and Alexander Salomon, member of the Karlsruhe state parliament. They were at the North Campus to get an idea of fusion research at KIT at a meeting with Professor Dr. Oliver Kraft, representing the President of KIT, Prof. Dr. Joachim Knebel, Head of Division 3, and Dr. Klaus Hesch, spokesperson of the FUSION program.

At the IAM, she was introduced to the broad range of material and technology development for future fusion power plants, from neutron-resistant structural materials to functional materials such as diamond windows or breeding materials to the technology of additively manufactured graded materials. The need for a fusion neutron source for material qualification, the special requirements for the safe handling of radioactive materials and the need to train experts in these fields were also discussed.

The picture shows the group in front of the shielded metallography cell - visible persons clockwise: Prof. Dr. Oliver Kraft, Prof. Dr. Joachim Knebel, Prof. Dr. Christoph Kirchlechner, Prof. Dr. Bronislava Gorr, Dr. Hans-Christian Schneider, Manuel Holzer, Minister Petra Olschowski, Member of the State Parliament Alexander Salomon, Dr. Klaus Hesch