The following microstructure-property-relationships will be discussed for all material classes:

- Elasticity and plasticity

- Fracture mechanics

- Fatigue

- Creep

- Elektrical conductivity: Metallic conductors, semiconductors, superconductors, conductive polymers

- Magnetic propetries und materials

In addition to the phenomenological description and physical explanation of the material properties an overview on the corresponding experimental techniques will be given.

The students fundamentally understand the interrelation between the microstructure and the properties of a material. This interrelation will be elaborated for mechanical properties (elasticity, plasticity, fracture, fatigue, creep) as well as functional properties (conductivity, magnetic properties) for all material classes, respectively. The students are able to phenomenological describe the material properties, to explain the underlying physical mechanisms and to understand how the properties can be specifically modified by the microstructure of the material. In the other way they are able to deduce the mechanical and functional properties of a material on the basis of its microstructure.    

oral exam ca. 30 minutes

Language of instructionGerman