Biomechanics: Design in Nature and Inspired by Nature

  • Typ: Seminar / Praktikum (S/P)
  • Lehrstuhl: KIT-Fakultäten - KIT-Fakultät für Maschinenbau - Institut für Angewandte Materialien - Werkstoff- und Grenzflächenmechanik
    KIT-Fakultäten - KIT-Fakultät für Maschinenbau
  • Semester: SS 2023
  • Dozent: Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck
  • SWS: 3
  • LVNr.: 2181708
  • Hinweis: On-Site

* mechanics and growth laws of trees
* failure criteria and safety factors
* computer simulation of adaptive growth
* notches and damage case studies
* optimization inspired by nature
* structural shape optimization without computers
* universal shapes of nature
* fibre reinforces materials
* failure of trees, hillsides, dikes, walls and pipes

The students know and understand mechanical optimization schemes which are realized in nature. The students can analyze the derived thinking tools and can apply them for simple technical cases.

regular attendance: 30 hours
self-study: 90 hours

Language of instructionGerman