IAM - Werkstoff- und Biomechanik

Foundations of nonlinear continuum mechanics


The lecture is organized in three parts. In the first part, the mathematical foundations of tensor algebra and tensor analysis are introduced, usually in cartesian representation. In the second part of the lecture, the kinematics, i.e. the geometry of deformation is presented. Besides finite deformation, geometric linearization is discussed. The thrid part of the lecture deals with the physical balance laws of thermomechanics. It is shown, how a special classical theory of continuum mechanics can be derived by adding a corresponding constitutive model. For the illustration of the theory, elementary examples are discussed repeatedly.

The students understand the fundamental structure of a continuum theory consisting of kinematics, balance laws and constitutive model. In particular, they recognize non-linear continuum mechanics as a common structure including all continuum theories of thermomechanics, which are obtained by adding a corresponding constitutive model. The students understand in detail the kinematics of finite deformation and know the transition to the geometrically linear theory they are familiar with. The students know the spatial and material representation of the theory and the different related tensors. The students take the balance laws as physical postulates and understand their respective physical motivation.

Qualification: Engineering Mechanics - Advanced Mathematics

regular attendance: 22,5 hours
self-study: 97,5 hours

oral exam ca. 30 minutes

Language of instructionDeutsch


Organisational issues

Die Vorlesung findet im Wintersemester 2020/21 nicht statt.