Laser Materials Processing

Management: PD Dr. Wilhelm Pfleging

At IAM-AWP, laser process technology is applied for studies in fundamental and application specific research programs. The R&D topics include the functionalization of material properties, micro-connection technologies and 3D shaping through material structuring in micrometer and sub-micrometer range.


Current research focus on the following topics:

  • Novel energy storage systems
  • Laser-assisted processes for additive manufacturing and associated post-processing
  • Surface modification processes for functionalization and micro- / nano structuring
  • Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for quantitative elemental analysis (metals, polymers, battery materials, …)

Metals, ceramics, polymers, composite materials and thin films are modified with high precision using advanced laser-systems such as ultrashort laser with variable pulse length in the range of 350 fs – 10 ps.



Group Leader:

Wilhelm Pfleging



Heino Besser

Marek Kapitz

Petra Severloh

Alexandra Reif

Peter Smyrek

Yijing Zheng

Penghui Zhu

Alexandra Meyer

Fabian Ball

Tim Kirschenbühler