Batteries - Calorimetry and safety

Head: Dr. Carlos Ziebert

The group "Batteries - Calorimetry and Safety" focuses on calorimetric investigations and safety tests on lithium-ion cells and post-lithium cells. Various types of calorimeters are used for this purpose, depending on cell size and application. The IAM-AWP Calorimeter Center, led by Dr. Ziebert, was founded in 2011 and operates Europe's largest battery calorimeter laboratory.

The group is interdisciplinary, well networked across Germany and internationally, and takes a comprehensive approach ranging from fundamental studies to industrial applications. Since the center was founded, more than 200 thermal studies and safety tests have been performed at the ARCs on cells ranging from button cell size to cylindrical cells to pouch and large prismatic automotive cells. As a result, this method has become so well established at the IAM-AWP that it is now one of the leading international institutions in the field of thermal runaway investigations, as reflected in numerous industrial contracts and invited lectures.