Thermophysics and thermodynamics

Management: Dr. Magnus Rohde

Research work in thermophysics and thermodynamics is involved in the development and characterization of new high-performance materials. Of particular interest here are the determination and investigation of thermodynamic and thermophysical state variables or properties such as heat capacities, thermal expansion coefficients, densities, as well as transport variables such as thermal conductivity and electrical and ionic conductivity in a wide temperature range from -250°C to 2000 °C. In addition, thermal processes are developed for joining ceramics or ceramics with metal as well as sintering processes for compacting micro- and nanoscale powders.


Investigation of thermophysical characteristics for materials and components exposed to thermal loads:

Thermal transport properties: Thermal conductivity, Thermal diffusivity

Specific heat capacity

Thermal expansion, coefficients of expansion

Electrical transport properties: Electrical and ionic conductivity


By applying computational thermodynamic calculations, the equilibrium state of a system is described with the aid of thermodynamic functions that depend on temperature, pressure and composition.

CALPHAD modelling: phase diagrams, phase stabilities, thermodynamic properties

Calorimetry: determination of enthalpies

Thermal processes

Joining technology: soldering of ceramic-ceramic, glass-ceramic, ceramic-metal

Sintering processes