The IAM-AWP has a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art laser beam sources and analysis devices.

Laser beam systems

  • 1 ultra-short pulse laser (NIR, 600fs, 300 W) with roll-to-roll and dual scanner processing
  • 1 ultrashort pulse laser (NIR, 300W) with roll-to-roll and large-field scanner processing
  • 2 ultra-short pulse lasers for micro/nanostructuring (UV, green, NIR, 280fs-10ps, 20W, 35W)
  • 1 UV solid-state laser for microstructuring (scanning mask imaging) and for laser printing (laser-induced forward transfer)
  • 5 excimer lasers for microstructuring (193 nm, 248nm, 10-20 W)
  • 1 Yb:YAG fibre laser for structuring (NIR, 5ns-200 ns, 20W)
  • 2 high-power diode lasers for annealing and transmission welding (940 nm/50W, 940 nm/100W)
  • 1 CO2 laser beam source for microstructuring and cutting (40W)

Methods of analysis

  • Surface profilometry and roughness tester
  • Scanning electron microscopy and EDX (Philips XL30S, Phenom XL)
  • Materialography and sample preparation (e.g. Glovebox MBraun Labmaster dp)
  • Electrochemical characterisation (battery tester Arbin BT 2000)
  • Dynamic and static contact angle measurement (Dataphysics OCA 20)
  • Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for spatially resolved qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis (LIBS, Secopta GmbH)
  • Nanoindenter (0.1-500mN, TTX-NHT3, Anton Paar GmbH)