Plasticity of Metals and Intermetallics



Please find the lecture notes in the following. You may use the material under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. Due to copyright restrictions, some of the images are only available in the hand-out material to the participants in the lecture.

The lecture and materials provided with it are dedicated to Prof. Otmar Vöhringer previously involved in IAM-WK's plasticity lectures.

AK gratefully acknowledges education and mentorship by Prof. Jens Freudenberger and Prof. Ludwig Schultz that have provided the basis for the lecture in the present state. Special thanks are due to Prof. Sharvan K. Kumar for discussion and support with his own lecture materials.

The materials are prepared by Dr.-Ing. Alexander Kauffmann.

Ch. 0: General Information

Ch. 1: Introduction

Ch. 2: Macroscopic Features of Plastic Deformation

Ch. 3: Fundamentals and Interrelations to Other Lectures

Ch. 4: Dislocations

Ch. 5: Single Crystal Plasticity

  • General Stages of Plastic Deformation and Fundamentals of the Stress-Strain Curve (fcc Metals)
  • Influence of Temperature, Orientation, Strain Rate, etc. (fcc Metals)
  • Further Examples (Extension of the Results to bcc, hcp and Intermetallic Materials)
  • Deformation Twinning in Single-Crystals

Ch. 6: Plasticity of Polycrystalline Materials

  •     Transition from Single Crystals to Polycrystals
  •     Strength of Polycrystals
    • Solute Atoms
    • Dislocations (incl. Dislocation Patterning)
    • Grain Boundaries (incl. Homogenization of Critical Stress)
    • Precipitates and Dispersoids

Ch. 7: Other Mechanisms of Plastic Deformation