Gruppe Werkstoffe

Head:   Dr. Steffen Antusch


The Materials Group is concerned with the development of new materials and substances for applications in microsystems-, nano- and energytechnology. A comprehensive approach is taken, i.e. the entire processing chain is considered, starting with chemical or physical synthesis, through adequate forming processes to component production and characterization as well as the optimization of material properties. This application-oriented research and development work is carried out in close cooperation with KIT institutes, partners from national and international research institutions, and from industry.

The following main areas of research are currently being carried out

The main focus of the research work is the development of molding compounds based on newly developed environment-friendly polymeric binder systems and micro- and nanoscale ceramic and metallic powders. The properties of the materials can be adapted to the respective application. A typical example is the research work on modern material systems for applications in the energy research sector

Research into novel composites which can be processed by Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) / Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) In addition to these functional composites, the main focus of the research work is also on the realization of ceramic and metallic components. 

The primary focus of this research and development work is the targeted development of novel safe electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries for stationary and mobile applications.