Recent Publications

Pressurized single cell testing of solid oxide cells
Grosselindemann, C.; Dorn, M.; Bauer, F. M.; Seim, M.; Ewald, D.; Esau, D.; Geörg, M.; Rössler, R.; Pundt, A.; Weber, A.
2024. Journal of Power Sources, 614, Art.-Nr.: 234963. doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2024.234963
Modeling and Validation of Precipitate Formation During the Heat Treatment of 50CrMo4 Steel
Austin, A.; Autenrieth, H.; Dietrich, S.; Pundt, A.; Schulze, V.
2023. 28th Congress of the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, IFHTSE 2023, International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE)
Phase transformation in the palladium hydrogen system: Effects of boundary conditions on phase stabilities
Dyck, A.; Böhlke, T.; Pundt, A.; Wagner, S.
2024. Scripta Materialia, 247, Article no: 116117. doi:10.1016/j.scriptamat.2024.116117
The Creep‐induced Micro‐ and Nanostructural Evolution of a Eutectic Mo‐Si‐Ti Alloy at 1200 °C
Schliephake, D.; Thota, H.; Kauffmann, A.; Wu, H.; Pundt, A.; Heilmaier, M.; Eggeler, Y. M.
2024. Advanced Engineering Materials. doi:10.1002/adem.202301909
Oxidation Resistance and Microstructural Analysis of Polymer‐Derived (HfₓTa₁₋ₓ )C/SiC Ceramic Nanocomposites
Petry, N.-C.; Thor, N.; Bernauer, J.; Ulrich, A. S.; Ionescu, E.; Riedel, R.; Pundt, A.; Galetz, M. C.; Lepple, M.
2024. Advanced Engineering Materials, Article no: 230202. doi:10.1002/adem.202302023
Microstructure Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Polymer‐Derived (HfₓTa₁₋ₓ)C/SiC Ceramic Prepared upon Field‐Assisted Sintering Technique (FAST/SPS)
Thor, N.; Winkens, G.; Bernauer, J.; Petry, N.-C.; Beck, K.; Wang, J.; Schwaiger, R.; Riedel, R.; Kolb, U.; Lepple, M.; Pundt, A.
2024. Advanced Engineering Materials. doi:10.1002/adem.202301841
Hydrogen Interactions with Defects in Materials
Pundt, A.; Wagner, S.
2024. Chemie Ingenieur Technik. doi:10.1002/cite.202300235
Exceptional hardness and thermal properties of SiC/(Hf,Ta)C(N)/ (B)C ceramic composites derived from single‐source precursor
Bernauer, J.; Petry, N.-C.; Thor, N.; Kredel, S. A.; Teja Teppala, D.; Galetz, M.; Lepple, M.; Pundt, A.; Ionescu, E.; Riedel, R.
2024. Advanced Engineering Materials. doi:10.1002/adem.202301864
Microstructural evolution of Si(HfₓTa₁₋ₓ)(C)N polymer-derived ceramics upon high-temperature anneal
Thor, N.; Bernauer, J.; Petry, N.-C.; Ionescu, E.; Riedel, R.; Pundt, A.; Kleebe, H.-J.
2022. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 43 (4), 1417–1431. doi:10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2022.11.060
Deuterium Distribution in Fe/V Multi-Layered Films
Gemma, R.; Al-Kassab, T.; Pundt, A.
2022. Molecules, 27 (22), Art.-Nr.: 7848. doi:10.3390/molecules27227848
Transformation Kinetics of LiBH–MgH for Hydrogen Storage
Jin, O.; Shang, Y.; Huang, X.; Szabó, D. V.; Le, T. T.; Wagner, S.; Klassen, T.; Kübel, C.; Pistidda, C.; Pundt, A.
2022. Molecules, 27 (20), 7005. doi:10.3390/molecules27207005
Strain-induced twins and martensite: Effects on hydrogen embrittlement of selective laser melted (SLM) 316 L stainless steel
Hong, Y.; Zhou, C.; Wagner, S.; Schlabach, S.; Pundt, A.; Zhang, L.; Zheng, J.
2022. Corrosion Science, 208, Artkl. Nr.: 110669. doi:10.1016/j.corsci.2022.110669
Effects of metal-based additives on dehydrogenation process of 2NaBH + MgH system
Shang, Y.; Jin, O.; Puszkiel, J. A.; Karimi, F.; Dansirima, P.; Sittiwet, C.; Utke, R.; Soontaranon, S.; Le, T. T.; Gizer, G.; Szabó, D. V.; Wagner, S.; Kübel, C.; Klassen, T.; Dornheim, M.; Pundt, A.; Pistidda, C.
2022. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47 (89), 37882–37894. doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2022.08.293
A novel nitridation- and pesting-resistant Cr-Si-Mo alloy
Hinrichs, F.; Kauffmann, A.; Tirunilai, A. S.; Schliephake, D.; Beichert, B.; Winkens, G.; Beck, K.; Ulrich, A. S.; Galetz, M. C.; Long, Z.; Thota, H.; Eggeler, Y.; Pundt, A.; Heilmaier, M.
2022. Corrosion Science, 207, Art.-Nr.: 110566. doi:10.1016/j.corsci.2022.110566
Microstructural Study of MgB2 in the LiBH4-MgH2 Composite by Using TEM
Jin, O.; Shang, Y.; Huang, X.; Mu, X.; Szabó, D. V.; Le, T. T.; Wagner, S.; Kübel, C.; Pistidda, C.; Pundt, A.
2022. Nanomaterials, 12 (11), 1893. doi:10.3390/nano12111893
Role of atomic hydrogen supply on the onset of CO methanation over La–Ni based hydrogen storage alloys studied by in-situ approach
Sawahara, K.; Yatagai, K.; Boll, T.; Pundt, A.; Gemma, R.
2022. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47 (44), 19051–19061. doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2022.04.089
Hydrogen-related defects in titanium dioxide at the interface to palladium
Sotoudeh, M.; Bongers-Loth, M. D.; Roddatis, V.; Čížek, J.; Nowak, C.; Wenderoth, M.; Blöchl, P.; Pundt, A.
2021. Physical review materials, 5 (12), 125801. doi:10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.5.125801
Tuning the stress state in Nb-thin films by lateral size confinement
Klose, P.; Roddatis, V.; Pundt, A.
2022. Acta materialia, 222, Art.Nr. 117454. doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2021.117454
Flexible Powder Production for Additive Manufacturing of Refractory Metal-Based Alloys
Hinrichs, F.; Kauffmann, A.; Schliephake, D.; Seils, S.; Obert, S.; Ratschbacher, K.; Allen, M.; Pundt, A.; Heilmaier, M.
2021. Metals, 11 (11), Article no: 1723. doi:10.3390/met11111723
The impact of nanoscale compositional variation on the properties of amorphous alloys
Gemma, R.; Baben, M. to; Pundt, A.; Kapaklis, V.; Hjörvarsson, B.
2020. Scientific reports, 10 (1), Art.Nr. 11410. doi:10.1038/s41598-020-67495-4
In situ observation of hydride nucleation and selective growth in magnesium thin-films with environmental transmission electron microscopy
Hamm, M.; Bongers, M. D.; Roddatis, V.; Dietrich, S.; Lang, K.-H.; Pundt, A.
2019. International journal of hydrogen energy, 44 (60), 32112–32123. doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2019.10.057
Role of surface oxide layers in the hydrogen embrittlement of austenitic stainless steels: A TOF-SIMS study
Izawa, C.; Wagner, S.; Deutges, M.; Martín, M.; Weber, S.; Pargeter, R.; Michler, T.; Uchida, H.-H.; Gemma, R.; Pundt, A.
2019. Acta materialia, 180, 329–340. doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2019.09.019
Structural Phase Transitions in Niobium Hydrogen Thin Films: Mechanical Stress, Phase Equilibria and Critical Temperatures
Wagner, S.; Klose, P.; Burlaka, V.; Nörthemann, K.; Hamm, M.; Pundt, A.
2019. ChemPhysChem, 20 (14), 1890–1904. doi:10.1002/cphc.201900247
Relationship between hydrogen embrittlement and M temperature: Prediction of low-nickel austenitic stainless steel’s resistance
Izawa, C.; Wagner, S.; Deutges, M.; Martín, M.; Weber, S.; Pargeter, R.; Michler, T.; Uchida, H.-H.; Gemma, R.; Pundt, A.
2019. International journal of hydrogen energy, 44 (45), 25064–25075. doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2019.07.179
Probing the Effect of Surface Strain on CO Binding to Pd Thin Films
Harding, D. J.; Bongers, M. D.; Wagner, S.; Hahn, H.; Neugebohren, J.; Kitsopoulos, T. N.; Wodtke, A. M.; Pundt, A.
2019. The journal of physical chemistry <Washington, DC> / C, 123 (19), 12255–12260. doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.9b01435
Hydrogen-induced accelerated grain growth in vanadium
Martin, M. L.; Pundt, A.; Kirchheim, R.
2018. Acta materialia, 155, 262–267. doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2018.06.011