Mechanical Workshop


Wolfgang Schäfer

Service profile

  • Manufacturing of samples of different geometries in order to examine different materials with temperatures between -196 °C and 1200 °C, particularly under static, quasi static and cyclic loads.
  • Building and reconstruction of complex measuring systems.
  • Production of structural members and clamming tools for different material testing machines.

Manufacturing methods

  • Materials: steels, light metal alloys, heavy metal alloys, superalloys, synthetic materials
  • Shape cutting: turning, milling, sawing, drilling, surface grinding
  • Eroding: wire-cut EDM, ram EDM
  • Welding: autogenous, electronic and gas-shielded welding

Technical equipment

1. Turning

  • Engine lathes and feed rod lathes swing diameter max. 400 mm, spindle passage max. 55 mm, turning length max. 1000 mm
  • CNC lathe WEILER-UD 42 swing diameter max. 200 mm, turning length max. 350 mm

2. Milling

  • Universal milling machines adjustable strokes: longitudinal: max. 500 mm, transverse: max. 300 mm, perpendicular: max. 200 mm
  • CNC milling machine HERMLE UWF 600 H</b><br>adjustable strokes: longitudinal: max. 400 mm, transverse: max. 330 mm, perpendicular: max. 350 mm
  • CNC milling machine Kunzmann WF 4 TNC 426</b><br>adjustable strokes: longitudinal: 400 mm, transverse: 320 mm, perpendicular: 400 mm, adjustable angle table

3. Grinding

  • Surface grinding machine
    Table size: 400 mm x 200 mm

4. Drilling

5. Eroding

  • CNC- wire-cut EDM AGIE-CUT 100 adjustable strokes: longitudinal: max. 300 mm, transverse: max. 200 mm, perpendicular: max. 250 mm,
  • CNC ram EDM and fast drilling machine AGEMA AS 320 CNC adjustable strokes: longitudinal: max. 300 mm, transverse: max. 200 mm, perpendicular: max. 150 mm, clamping area: 500x350 mm

6. Sawing

  • Diagonal bandsaw machine
    adjustable strokes: width max. 300 mm, height max. 200 mm, mitre 15-45 degrees contour saws

7. Welding

  • Tungsten gas-shielded welding WIG

8. Cutting

  • plate shear
    For sheet steels with a tensile strength up to 400 N / mm2, thickness up to 3 mm, cutting length up to 1050 mm
KIT, M. Breig
KIT, M. Breig
KIT, M. Breig