DFG Priority Program 1897 Calm, Smooth, Smart: HyCEML - Hybrid CFRP/ elastomer/ metal laminates containing elastomeric interfaces for deliberate dissipation

M.Sc. Alexander Jackstadt


Monolithic material solutions rarely fulfil the required property profile. The hybrid material of CFRP elastomer and metal enables to deliberately adjust the damping behaviour of the laminate. The material is based on conventional fibre-metal laminates.

  • CFRP/Metal laminates
    • High Energy absorption
    • Susceptible to corrosion and delamination
  • Additional elastomer layer
    • Adjustable damping behaviour
    • Compensation of thermal residual stresses
    • Prevention of galvanic corrosion
    • Function as adhesive between CFRP & metal


Multi-scale experimental & numerical examination of the property profile (e.g. damping, vibration, etc.) of HyCEML (from specimen to component). The project partner FAST carries out the necessary numerical investigations.

Investigation of the property profile with regard to

  • Calm (damping)
  • Smooth (temperature and frequency dependency)
  • Smart (adhesive, corrosion, thermal induced residual stresses)


  • Material manufacturing
  • Quasistatic characterization of constituents and hybrids
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis
  • Vibration and modal analysis