The Institute for Applied Materials – Materials Science and Engineering (IAM-WK) is active in the field of research, education, and innovation on structural and functional materials, particularly for mechanical engineering applications. We aim at revealing relationships between processes, structure and properties. The research activities of our seven research groups focuses on the fields „Conditions and Properties“ (1,2,3), „Materials Development“ (3,4,5) and „Processes“ (5,6,7). Therefore, we run specialized laboratories and workshops which are also used for education of our students in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. For both programmes, we conduct lectures, tutorials and lab courses as fundamental and advanced courses.

Microstructure Analysis
Mechanical testing
Microstructure analysis
Computer tomography
Surface analysis
Materials characterization
Mechanical testing
Microstructure analysis
Materials synthesis
Microstructure analysis
Microstructure analysis
Mechanical workshop
Mechanical testing
Microstructure analysis
Scanning electron microscopy
Materials characterization

Corona activities

IAM-WK supports the production of protective masks by Fab Lab Karlsruhe for St. Vincentius-Krankenhaus.

EUROGUSS Talent Award

M.Sc. Marius Kohlhepp was awarded for his thesis "Einfluss der Legierungszusammensetzung auf das Formklebeverhalten einer AlSi7Mg-Druckgusslegierung" at EUROGUSS with a Talent Award.

GRK2561 & FOR3010

IAM-WK contributes to the new DFG graduate school RTG2561 "Materials Compounds from Composite Materials for Applications in Extreme Conditions" chaired by Prof. Martin Heilmaier. Furthermore, we contribute with an own project to the new DFG research group FOR3010 "Refrabund".



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Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Institut für Angewandte Materialien – Werkstoffkunde (IAM–WK)
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Public Relations

Please contact Dr. Alexander Kauffmann or Nina Meng.