The Institute for Applied Materials – Materials Science and Engineering (IAM-WK) is active in the field of research, education, and innovation on structural and functional materials, particularly for mechanical engineering applications. We aim at revealing relationships between processes, structure and properties. The research activities of our seven research groups focuses on the fields „Conditions and Properties“ (1,2,3), „Materials Development“ (3,4,5) and „Processes“ (5,6,7). Therefore, we run specialized laboratories and workshops which are also used for education of our students in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. For both programmes, we conduct lectures, tutorials and lab courses as fundamental and advanced courses.

Microstructure Analysis
Mechanical testing
Microstructure analysis
Computer tomography
Surface analysis
Materials characterization
Mechanical testing
Microstructure analysis
Materials synthesis
Microstructure analysis
Microstructure analysis
Mechanical workshop
Mechanical testing
Microstructure analysis
Scanning electron microscopy
Materials characterization

Manfred Hirschvogel Preis 2021

Dr.-Ing. Hans Chen was awarded Manfred Hirschvogel Preis for the best PhD thesis at Mechanical Engineering Faculty of KIT. His thesis on "Microstructure and Properties of Equiatomic Alloys From the Ta-Nb-Mo-Cr-Ti-Al System" provides outstanding, internationally recognized contributions to manufacturing, characterization and properties of novel Al-containing, refractory metal based high entropy alloys. By the application of scale-bridging characterization methods, he proved that single-phase, chemically homogeneous microstructures can be obtained for a variety of chemical compositions within this complex alloy system. In contradiction to the expectations at the time, crystallographic ordering occurs in many of these alloys and alters the low temperature ductility. Dr.-Ing. Chen selected the application of thermal analysis methods rather than diffraction techniques in order to verify the appearance of order. Diffraction techniques do not necessarily provide unequivocal evidence for disordered crystal structures due to the multiple occupation of lattice sites in these complex alloys. By the analysis of compression tests and nanohardness, the influence of lattice distortion on solid solution strengthening in these alloys was studied considering the intrinsic temperature dependence of strength in body centered cubic alloys. His contributions are basis for ongoing work on the subject in our research group and we appreciate the distinction of his work. The award comes along a 5000 Euro prize.

Dörrenberg StudienAWARD 2021

B.Sc. Eric Jung was awarded third place at the 13th Dörrenberg StudienAWARD for his bachelor thesis on "Characterisation of the boundary layer states and resulting fatigue strengths of carbonitrided PM components as a function of porosity". We congratulate Mr. Jung on his excellent presentation of the materials engineering background of carbonitriding of sintered steels to the jury and the related achievements in his bachelor thesis.

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Best Presentation Award at the MRS Spring Meeting 2021

Dr.-Ing. Aditya Srinivasan Tirunilai's talk on "Discontinuous Deformation of FCC High and Medium Entropy Alloys at Close to 0 K" was award best presentation of the Symposium ST04 "High Entropy Materials - From Fundamentals to Potential Applications" at MRS Spring Meeting 2021. The award comes with a $250 prize.

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Corona activities

IAM-WK supports the production of protective masks by Fab Lab Karlsruhe for St. Vincentius-Krankenhaus.



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