Micro Compression injection molding

Injection-compression molding represents another special variant of macroscopic injection molding technology. It is applied to produce components with high surface qualities while maintaining very precise nominal dimensions. It has already found its way into the production of microstructured components such as DVDs.
To take advantage of the process for more complex micro parts, several injection compression tools were equipped with the special equipment for variothermal process control and evacuation known from micro injection molding. This makes it possible not only to perform the stamping process under defined pressure and temperature conditions but also to run a cooling cycle regulated in terms of time, pressure and temperature.


Furthermore, experiments were carried out to compare purely powder injection molded test specimens with those produced by compression injection molding of PIM feedstock. Using the same LIGA mold inserts, the powder compression injection-molded (C-µ-PIM) test specimens showed better formations than the purely injection-molded ones.