Institute for Applied Materials – Materials Science and Engineering

Twin-Screw Extruder Brabender DSE 20

Screw diameter 20 mm
Screw flight depth 3,75 mm
L/D ratio 20 or 40 resp. (typically 24)
Screw speed max 250/2751) min-1
Screw torque 2 x 40 Nm
Drive power 3,3/121)  kW
Maximum cylinder temperature 450 °C
Melting pressure max. 300 bar
Throughput (depending on material)  0,5 up to10 kg/h
Segmented cylinder/screw no/yes
Screw rotation/special features co-rotating, cylinder horizontal
Drive Do-Corder/Lab-Station
Equipment two gravimetric and one volumetric dosing unit


1) depending on drive