Composite peening – a novel processing technique for graded reinforced metal matrix composites (MMC)


Particle reinforced metal matrix composites promise increased material utilization by local reinforcement of highly stressed component areas. The mechanical properties, such as fatigue strength and wear resistance, can be significantly improved by the reinforcement close to the boundary layer. Due to a plurality of adjustable variables, such as Material combination, particle density and particle size, there is also a broad spectrum of properties.


  • Development and validation of a process for the production of graded reinforced aluminum matrix composite materials
  • Characterization of the manufactured composite materials for the evaluation of the process parameters


  • Production of functionally graded metal matrix composites (FGMMC) by means of micro penning of heated workpieces
  • Testing of mechanical properties with cyclic and thermal load
  • Investigation of the impact of subsequent treatments 
  • Residual stress analysis
  • Parameter study to determine various process parameters
  • Microstructure analysis, light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy
  • Interface characterization between matrix and particles
  • Computed tomography