Dr.-Ing. Daniel Schliephake


  • light optical microscopes
  • macroscope
  • stereo microscope
  • scanning electron microscope with EDX-system and force device
  • confocal fluorescence microscope
  • graphical analysis
  • Vickers resistance durometer (Micro- and small-working-range)
  • spectral analysis (emission spectrometer ES 750-CA by the comm. OBLF) for non-alloyed, low alloyed and high-alloyed steels. Elements: C, Cu, Cr, Co, S, V, Ti, Al, Ta, Mo, Ni, Si, Mg, Mn, Nb, B, W, etc.


  • cutting machine
  • diamand wire saws
  • semi-automatic grinding and polishing machines
  • hand operated grinding and polishing machines
  • vibratory polishing machine
  • chemical etching equipment
KIT, M. Breig
KIT, M. Breig
KIT, M. Breig