Recycling concepts for reinforced polymers

Baden-Württemberg: Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Wohnungsbau

Substitution of primary raw materials by processing recycled carbon fibre hybrid yarns in innovative thermoplastic processes (reCaHit)

The aim of the project is an innovative use of raw materials. On the one hand, parts are manufactured by injection moulding based on with recycled carbon fibres. On the other hand, recycled fibres are processed into hybrid yarns which are then used as oriented reinforcement in heavily loaded regions of the component. At IAM-WK, the mechanical properties of hybrid yarns, of composite coupons and of components are investigated. Furthermore, the failure behaviour is characterised and it is discussed to what extent recycled fibres can be used as a substitute for new fibres.

Partnerinstitut: Fraunhofer ICT