BEETHOVEN2 - Surface modification of ɣ-TiAl alloys and its influence on mechanical properties and phenomena under high temperature conditions

M.Sc. Christoph Breuner


  • TiAl turbine blades are lighter than their Ni-based superalloy counterparts and offer the potential for component weight savings of up to 50 %.
  • ɣ-TiAl alloys show a poor high temperature oxidation resistance at temperatures above 700°C.


Extension of the application range of ɣ titanium aluminides by coating

  • obtain new knowledge about the influence of surface modification on mechanical properties of ɣ-titanium aluminides
  • systematische Ergebnisse über den Einfluss von Oberflächenmodifikationen auf die Ermüdungseigenschaften von ɣ-Titanaluminiden bei verschiedenen Temperaturen liefern.


  • Testing different coatings

  • Fatigue tests on servo hydraulic testing machines

  • Tests at room temperature and up to 750°C

  • Investigation of the fracture surfaces

Project partners

  • DLR (Köln)
  • SUT (Katowice, Polen)
  • IFM (Gliwice, Polen)