Head of the group

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Guth

Scientific Staff

M.Eng. Jan Lars Riedel (joint member with Physical Metallurgy)


Some examples of the work of the section Fatigue:

Uniaxial Loading:

  • Fatigue behaviour of recyclable high-strength sintering steels
  • Structural-mechanical investigations of the influence of the surface layer on the crack initiation and propagation of case-hardened steels
  • Deformation and failure behaviour of cast nickel alloys under high medium load

Multiaxial Loading:

  • Experimental analysis of the cyclic deformation and damage behaviour of railroad steels under near-service load
  • Failure behaviour of notched steel specimen under cyclic loading
  • Influence of the frequency and the wave form on the failure behaviour of different steels

Thermal-mechanical Fatigue:

  • Isothermal and thermal-mechanical fatigue behaviour of ceramic reinforced cast aluminium alloys
  • Thermal and mechanical fatigue of high-temperature aluminium alloys
  • Deformation and failure behaviour of combustion chamber alloys under isothermal and thermal-mechanical cyclic loading
  • Microstructure, deformation and failure behaviour of metallic materials by superposition of low-frequency thermal–mechanical and high-frequency mechanical loading
  • Deformation and failure behaviour of ceramic materials under isothermal and thermal mechanical fatigue loading
  • Fatigue behaviour of high-temperature materials under high static basic loading
  • Superposition of high and low cycle fatigue loadings
  • Fatigue behaviour of a single crystal nickel base superalloy used for aircraft engines

Some examples of the work of the fatigue group

  • Thermomechanical treatment of high strength steels in the temperature range of dynamic strain ageing in order to increase the fatigue limit in the very high cycle range (Nf ≈ 109)
  • Understanding the influence of surface coatings on the high temperature fatigue behaviour of TiAl-Alloys
  • Investigation of the thermomechanical fatigue behaviour of Al- and Ni-base alloys
  • Development of methodologies to determine the brittle-ductile transition temperature of intermetallic alloys
  • Comparing the fatigue behaviour of additively and conventionally manufactured specimens
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