Project 14: Elementary nanoscale mechanisms which govern nucleation, growth, oxidation and deformation processes in the high temperature Mo-Si-Ti system: Advanced in situ and ex situ TEM analysis

M.Sc. Hemanth Thota (1st cohort)

Supervisors: Prof. Yolita Eggeler, Prof. Astrid Pundt

The project will focus on the identification of elementary deformation processes on the nano scale, which govern creep of Mo-Si-Ti alloys. Creep/oxidation interaction phenomena will receive special attention. Interrupted creep experiments will be analyzed in terms of deformation structures and regarding oxidation products. An effort will be made to single out the dominant deformation mechanism. The investigations will be performed on series of interrupted specimens which were creep exposed at different temperatures. Changes in local alloy chemistry during high temperature exposure will be analyzed and an effort will be made to quantify atomic fluxes associated with microstructural evolution and high temperature oxidation.