Structural Materials


The lectures will be held online. Further information will be available on ILIAS.

Lectures and tutorialy on the topics:

- basic loading types and superimposed loadings

- high-temperature loading

- influence of notches

- uniaxial, multiaxial and superimposed cyclic loading

- notch fatigue

- structural durability

- impact of residual stresses

- basic principles of materials selection

- dimensioning of components

learning objectives:
The students are able to select materials for mechanical design and to dimension structural components according to the state of the art. They are familiar with the most important engineering materials. They can assess these materials on base of their characteristic properties and and they can match property profiles and requirement profiles. The dimensioning includes complex situations, such as multiaxial loading, notched components, static and dynamic loading, componetns with residual stresses and loading at high homologous temperatures.

Precence: 42h

Self study: 138h 

Language of instructionGerman