Materials Science and Engineering I for mach, phys


Atomic structure and atomic bonds

Structures of crystalline solids

Defects in crystalline solids

Structure of amorphous and semi-crystalline solids


Transport and transformation phenomena in the solid state

Microscopy methods

Characterization by means of X-rays, Neutrons and Electrons

Nondestructive testing of materials

Mechanical testing of materials

learning objectives:
The students are able to describe the relationship between atomic structure, microscopical observations, and properties of solid materials.

The students can describe the typical property profies and can name applications for the most important engineering materials.

The students are able to describe standard materials characterization methods and can explain the evaluation of these methods. They can judge materials on base of the data obtained by these methods.


None, Recommendations: None.


regular attendance: 53 hours
self-study: 157 hours

Language of instructionGerman

Vorlesungsskript; Videos, Übungsaufgabenblätter.

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