Institute for Applied Materials – Materials Science and Engineering

Materials in Additive Manufacturing


Importance, origin and characterization of materials in additive manufacturing processes.


Presentation and explanation of the functional principle of common additive manufacturing processes:

- Powder bed based laser melting

- Powder bed based electron beam melting

- Powder and wire cladding

- fused filament fabrication

- Lithographic processes


Material selection and material development for additive manufacturing processes

- Consideration of the material change in the production process

- Evaluation of mechanisms as a criterion for "material printability


Development and characterization of microstructural material states

- Microstructure formation in the solidification process from the melt pool

- Anisotropic material properties due to directional solidification processes


Component states after additive manufacturing and mechanical material properties

- Pore and defect architectures

- Surface conditions and residual stresses

- Mechanical properties and fatigue behaviour

learning objectives:

The students learn to understand the basics of additive manufacturing and are able to explain the influence on material anisotropy and material states. Furthermore, students are able to demonstrate the effects of process parameters on the microstructure and component states and to assess these with regard to their influence on mechanical loads.

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