Project 4: Thermomechanical Properties of Ceramic-Nanocomposite-Based Monoliths and Coatings

M.Sc. Yangyiwei Yang

Supervisor: Prof. Bai-Xiang Xu, Dr. Maren Lepple

Support by assoc. members: M.Sc. Mozhdeh Fathidoost

Understanding of the thermomechanical property of the aimed nanocomposite coating and bond coat based on Si(M)CX system is crucial for the ultra-high temperature composite design. Due to the complex nanostructure and the ultra-high temperature regime, the investigation on the thermomechanical properties of the Si(M)CX is limited. Thermal and mechanical properties depend strongly on the nanocomposite structure such as the carbon network, the segregated phases and particularly the interphase in between. Using micromechanics theory and experimental data, we aim at modeling and a finite element (FE) simulation of the thermal, mechanical and thermomechanical properties of Si(M)CX and provide guidelines for the composite design.