Institute for Applied Materials – Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Processing Technology




Raw materials, materials laws and models, rheology, moulding, forming, joining


raw materials, powder synthesis, additives, moulding and forming of glass, moulding, abrasive techniques, changing properties, final processing


raw materials, materials processing, moulding, forming, cutting, joining


raw materials, moulding, changing properties


learning objectives:

The students are able to name the different materials processing techniques and can the describe their basic principles and allocate them to the different classes of metarials processing methods.

They can chose specific processing techniques based on given problems and consider constraints derived from their basic knowledge in materials science.

The students are able to carry out simple experiments with lab scale equipment. They can correlate the processing parameters with resulting material properties by analyzing the materials using adequate testing methods which have to be chosen, evaluated and documented suitable to the problems given.

Language of instructionDeutsch

Literaturhinweise, Unterlagen und Teilmanuskript in der Vorlesung

Presentation slides and additional lecture notes are handed out during the lecture, additional literature recommendations given