Molding compound development and adaption

In most cases the development of a new or optimized manufacturing process is coupled with a more or less intensive modification of the material to be processed. For this purpose we work closely with our "Materials" group.
For instance, the molding compounds for multi-component injection molding (2C-PIM, IML-PIM, etc.) must be matched to each other in terms of binder content, thermal expansion, sinter shrinkage and sintering temperature. This requires intensive analysis of the powders (particle size distribution, BET surface area, SEM, etc.) as well as the finished molding compounds (viscosity, pvT data, thermal and mechanical characteristics).
Equally common are the requirements resulting from the various applications to prepare certain materials in a processable manner. This includes R&D work on powder injection molding of tungsten and tungsten alloys (W-PIM) or the use of functional materials such as electrically conductive ceramics (2C-PIM).